Introducing Trig (the Triceratops formerly known as Toby)

Toby - out of the box4 January 2014

When this tiny Triceratops arrived in the mail yesterday with an assortment of smart phone lenses, I was intrigued. Once he got his bearings, he almost immediately set about demonstrating an interest in words, which I gather is atypical for dinosaurs. I began logging his exploits with the fisheye and wide angle lenses.

I have not yet asked him how he came to develop his interest in the English language. All I’ve managed to ascertain is that his name is Tobias* (he prefers to be known as Toby) and that he doesn’t eat much.

In the spirit of encouraging the quest for knowledge, I’ve created this blog to host Toby’s thoughts and wisdom.  I hope you enjoy following him on his grazing adventures.

* A week after his arrival, Toby discovered there were other triceratops who bore his name. He would have nothing of this, preferring to be his own unique self.  He asks that you now please refer to him as Trig.

Toby - stowaway

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